About us 

APE Grupo is leader in creation of differentiated spaces, since we offer a vast range of design ceramics, advanced technical products and services that help our customers to reach its maximum potential.

APE Grupo was set up as a business group in February, 2016, uniting 3 brands with more than 25 years of experience and one technical office that provides advanced architectural and interior design solutions.

Thanks to our effort made in each one of our brands, fruit of an expansive strategy and the great diversity in the product range, we are already present in 109 countries, where our 180 collections are distributed.

Corporate social responsibility

One of the challenges that any company faces nowadays is the social welfare and the continuous improvement. In this regard, APE Grupo has set as imperative goals the 3 Ps:

People: Concern about our workers by means of conciliation, genre equality and training politics. In APE Grupo, we take care of our family, we offer a vast variety of courses and activities so that any of our workers can further develop themselves intellectually, physically and professionally. We know how difficult is balancing both professional and personal life. That is why we offer reductions and adaptations of working time for fathers, mothers, students and other people with special needs.

Planet: We are committed with our environment through a DSF (sustainable design) philosophy: well designed products made to last long time. ECO-APE. Our products are the result of our culture, mentality and philosophy, based mainly on the innovation, quality and our concern about a sustainable environment. We have technical, human and economic means to prevent the environmental impact that our activity may generate; and to guarantee the safety of our workers and social environment. Fruit of this dedication is the 14001 ISO Certificate. In 2016, we obtained the Breeam® certificate (international sustainable construction certificate) with our new showroom.

Profit: We collaborate with several international NGO’s and local entities. APE Grupo is associated with Maset de Frater, an institution that leads a facility dedicated to people with major disabilities, and with the Fundación In My Fathers House, that helps the children from Ghana, among others. The sponsorship of the Club Tenis de Mesa Costa de Azahar is a clear commitment in order to favor minority sports that need help inn order to grow and come forward.

Company profile

Our 25 years cement in an absolute service vocation. In more than two decades we have grown a lot. Despite the fact that we are still a family company and that the proximity is our distinguishing mark, we look to the future and we evolve. We are a referent for our customers and the partner that can guide them across the trends and changes in the market. We are The Perfect Mix.

We are The Perfect Mix. We explore our multiplying possibilities when working together with our customers and collections. Together we are more that the sum of all our parts. The Perfect Mix consolidates our idea of multidisciplinary companies that together give a global solution to customers and project executors. The Perfect Mix also highlights the capability of union and mixture to put the consumer in the center.
A perfect combination harmonizes the elements and connects perfectly all the available resources. The result is a perfect symphony

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