APE Grupo was set up as a business group in February, 2016, uniting 3 brands with more than 25 years of experience and one technical office that provides advanced architectural and interior design solutions.

APE Grupo is leader in creation of differentiated spaces, since we offer a vast range of design ceramics, advanced technical products and services that help our customers to reach its maximum potential.

Thanks to our effort made in each one of our brands, fruit of an expansive strategy and the great diversity in the product range, we are already present in 109 countries, where our 180 collections are distributed.

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Our Headquarters

Our showroom, with the headquarters in Castellon and more than 2,000 m², means a new way of approaching the ceramics. In order to improve the service and satisfy our customer’s needs, this showroom has the best means and fosters the creativity and fusion of styles. Collections and 2-story work areas gather all the novelties of APE Grupo’s brands.

This building has been designed to create a workspace and an exhibition room in the market that make the difference in the market, with a plan and a façade that are, at the same time, innovative and functional. Its design is based on oblique and uneven lines in order to break with the hegemony of the orthogonal lines so present in the world of ceramics and thus show the innovative character of APE Grupo.

This building is the first in the Castellón province that have the Breeam® certificate, a sustainable, very demanding construction certificate that is worldwide leader. Moreover, it has a monitoring and control system of the Schneider facilities.

C/Luxemburgo, Parcela
46 12006 Castellón (Spain)

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When color, textures, and the purest design appear in our lives, everything changes. Watching a dark sky turn blue, seeing how an artist plays with a brush on a blank canvas or the most natural fabrics that accompany us in our closest environment are just some of the small pleasures and emotions that surround us every day. At APE Grupo we pay a lot of attention to integrate areas such as craftsmanship and architecture under the umbrella of modern art and the most up-to-date design.

APE Group [.IT] is a place where innovation and style go hand in hand.

The APE Group’s logistics center in Italy is located in Fiorano Modenese, in the center of the ceramics district, and has been operational since the end of 2017. The facilities have an area of 14,000 square meters, including the area for stock storage, the loading area, the showroom, and the offices. In addition to its logistical functions to serve markets in Central Europe, the Italian headquarters of APE Grupo is in charge of the study and development of innovative products for our customers.

Via Ferrari – Carazzoli, 19,
41042 Fiorano Modenese, Italia

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Our team comprises more than 120 individuals, all united by a shared goal. APE Grupo has not stopped growing since it was first created. We are committed to offering stable, high-quality jobs in which there are equal opportunities for both men and women. In fact, 95% of our staff have a permanent contract; they have spent an average of 8 years working with us; and half of directorial and middle management positions are held by women.

Working departments

APE Grupo is divided into various different departments, each focused on solving the main problems that the company is currently facing. Do you want to know more about us? Our company’s three strategic areas are listed below.

The Customer Care department is really good at dealing with people. It provides a proactive and personal service based on the specific needs of each client. Customer Care staff come into direct contact with the client, and it is they who are most familiar with their specific needs and who are best placed to detect them.

Puri Salvador


Angelo Mainella

Customer Service

Virginie Bergeron

Customer Service

The mission of the Back Office is to provide strategic value to the company from different perspectives: Administration and Finance, IT, Human Resources, Product Development and Communication.

Rosa Salvador


Rafa Ventura


Sonia Núñez


The Customer Care department is really good at dealing with people. It provides a proactive and personal service based on the specific needs of each client. Customer Care staff come into direct contact with the client, and it is they who are most familiar with their specific needs and who are best placed to detect them.

Sara Llopico

Purchasing Department

Carlos Castillo


Carla Martinez


Work with us

Welcome to the APE Grupo job portal: a space for viewing our various job offers. Join a company with more than 30 years’ experience in the tiling sector, which is now operational in more than 110 different countries around the world.

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At Ape we believe that success is closely linked to knowledge.

We consider that the development of the company is impossible without the individual development of people.

Our annual training plan includes the development of key skills in the technical, social and leadership areas, as well as health and safety.

The concept of “family” is the basis of APE Grupo’s corporate culture and the values that characterise us.

We believe that attitude marks the difference between efficiency and excellence.

For APE Grupo, efficient relationships are achieved through respect, solidarity and cooperation, promoting harmony within the team as a tool to succeed together.

If there is one thing that defines us, it is how much we care about our employees, because as professionals we are, above all, people.

— Flexible working hours.
— Connectivity.
— Teleworking.
— Employee events.
— Recreational, sports and healthy activities.
— Celebrations.
— Social benefits.

At APE Grupo we value diversity in age, gender, origin, race and different abilities, respecting the individuality of each person because diversity is synonymous with cultural richness.

We are committed to promoting real equality in which men and women have equal opportunities.

The inclusion of disadvantaged groups is another of our objectives.

We are firmly committed to society and to job creation. We collaborate with and support various NGOs and social organisations. We carry out corporate volunteering and sports sponsorships.


If your professional profile isn’t a good match for any of our current vacancies, or if we don’t have any job offers available at the moment, feel free to send us your CV via the following form:

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