It is our flagship brand, with more experience and track record in the market. It includes a wide product portfolio, from classic ceramics to the latest trends in the sector in a wide variety of formats, collections and finishes, as well as specific technical solutions such as special pieces.

Collections conceived through to the last detail. It is a brand that arises from the experience and tradition associated with our Mediterranean roots. In it we have recovered classic ceramics typical of our history.

A brand with style that offers a series of delicate and technically evolved products.


Builk Creative Solutions is born in order to provide advanced and architectural and interior design solutions. Materials that offer a limitless versatility in every domain of construction, furniture and design, among others.

We commit to accompanying you throughout the whole project in order to be sure that our products adapt to the construction needs. That is why we have with staff dedicated to implement the company’s know how in each typology of customers.


The characteristics of swimming pools require a series of solutions that are not considered in other architectural fields. Our ceramic collections are made up of porcelain pieces and special extruded stoneware pieces that allow us to carry out public and private swimming pool projects, providing different solutions and making the interior of our spaces coexist perfectly with the swimming pool.


It, el lugar donde inovación y estilo van de la mano.