españolISO14001 One of the challenges faced by any company today is to understand the pressures affecting the environment and to respond to the public’s and our customers’ expectations with regard to this issue. It is important to bear in mind that this increasing social awareness is reflected by the emergence of many products on the market whose manufacturing process, features and life cycle are increasingly more respectful to the environment. In fact, today, there is no doubt that in order to achieve sustainable development, it is necessary to promote responsible consumption by providing customers with a choice of products and services which are compatible with and cause less harm to the environment. Accordingly, a few markets, including the European market, have become more receptive to ecological products, and firms who have opted to minimise the environmental impact of their business have been able to strengthen their market position and increase sales.


The products we create a born as a result of our culture, mindset and corporate philosophy, based primarily on innovation, quality and our concern for a sustainable environment.

At APE CERÁMICA we are ecologically minded, because we know that to become a company of the future we must be a company which takes responsibility for looking after the planet. So much so that we have the technological, human and economic resources to hand to prevent any environmental impact our business may generate and to guarantee the safety of our staff and our local environment.
Ape Cerámica, S.L.U.
Ape Cerámica, S.L.U.